'Zombieland' Cameo: One Of The Best Of All Time?

A trek to Los Angeles leads the four main characters to the mansion of a beloved actor.

What happens if one poor soul chomps down on a bad hamburger and unleashes a flesh-eating, pus-oozing zombie epidemic that turns America into a lawless wasteland of bloody violence? What happens if all this is really, really funny? Those are the two operating directives for "Zombieland," the new comedy staring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin that arrives in theaters on Friday.

(Here's where spoilers big and small begin, so turn back now if you're scared of zombie revelations.)

The film has these four joining forces to combat the infected — with style, of course, from pimped-out Hummers to their choices of accommodation. Why slum it in some cheapo motel when you can live large in the finest mansions in the world, which have been abandoned, like everything else, now that the bile-barfing ghoulies roam the earth? And that brings us to one of the funniest big-screen cameos in recent memory.

Harrelson and his gang decide to trek to Los Angeles, where they've heard there's an amusement park that's become a zombie-free safe haven. On their way there, they stop off for the night in an absurdly opulent Beverly Hills mansion. Turns out, they've decided to hang out for the night in Bill Murray's pad. Eisenberg and Breslin head into the home theater for a viewing of "Ghostbusters." Meanwhile, in another room, a body stirs and stumbles into the hallway. Oh dear God, has Murray gone from comedy legend to flesh-eating monster?

False alarm! Murray just likes to don zombie-movie makeup so he can still saunter around town and hit the golf course. The next 10 minutes of "Zombieland" are pretty epic, and we can't spoil all the fun before the movie comes out, even for those readers who enjoy a tasty spoiler frenzy. Suffice to say, Harrelson goes off on a hilarious fanboy rant, the cast stages a re-enactment of one of Murray's most beloved films and then the party ends very, very badly.

Murray's been known to show up randomly in films, like as a blink-and-you-missed-him secret agent in "Get Smart" and as a man trying to catch a train in "The Darjeeling Limited." But the actor's short, memorable turn in "Zombieland" is without a doubt his finest.

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