Miley Cyrus Stricken With Strep During Wonder World Tour

Singer still hopes to play show in Omaha on Friday night.

Just a couple weeks into her Wonder World Tour, Miley Cyrus has run into an unavoidable snag — strep throat — but the 16-year-old "Hannah Montana" star seems to be doing her best not to disappoint her fans.

On Tuesday night at a tour stop in Salt Lake City, Cyrus had to leave the stage in the middle of her third song, "7 Things," according to the The Salt Lake Tribune. A stage manager told the audience she was sick and needed medical attention, but she returned to the stage 15 minutes later and finished out the show.

Of course, Miley also wrote about being sick on her Twitter page. "My throat is yelling at me to shut up. Strep is the worst thing ever," she wrote. "Thank you, Salt Lake, for being so amazing and supportive. My body is done with me working it so hard. Off to have a very nice peaceful sleep."

According to her tweets, dad Billy Ray and sister Noah have been keeping the singer's spirits up until she gets better. "Nurse Noah is taking good care of me tonight. I just put on a Snuggie and ate a popsicle," she wrote.

Fortunately for Miley, no show was scheduled for Wednesday night. Her next show is on Friday night (October 2) in Omaha, and though she's still sick, she's hoping to put on the show. "Keep your fingers crossed Omaha," Cyrus tweeted on Wednesday morning. "I am not feeling too good this morning. ... Back to sleep. Night night."