50 Cent Takes Issue With His Hottest MCs Ranking: 'I Think I'm #1'

'These other guys are cool, but not as cool as me,' our #9 Hottest MC says about the eight rappers who place higher.

It seems like 50 Cent and the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust have a difference of opinions.

The G-Unit superstar landed at #9 on this year's Hottest MCs in the Game list, falling just behind Fabolous, who was announced at #8 on Wednesday (September 30). But with 50 Cent's omnipresent ventures — releasing two mixtapes over the summer, having a best-selling book and organizing his 40 Day celebration — Fif thinks he should be higher on the list.

"I think I'm #1," the rapper told Angie Martinez on Wednesday during an interview with New York hip-hop station Hot 97. "I'm in the top five, at least. I'm my favorite, if you ask me. These other guys are cool, but not as cool as me."

The rapper keeps blogs buzzing and is one of the world's best-known artists, whether it's through his antics or street records like "Flight 187." But this year, when stacked against the competition, his heat couldn't deliver him any higher.

But 50 took it in stride. "It's like anyone else's personal opinion," 50 explained. "They may say #9, but I don't care if they put me #41. It's just who you're asking that day."

50, who in the past hasn't exactly been OK with his ranking on the list, fired a shot at the Brain Trust members. He felt his past work was being held against him in a list that's supposed to be about right now. He also asked how a collection of people who don't make music can judge his work if they don't know the experience of composing songs.

"When they do that [list], look at that table and tell me who makes music," he said. "Who understands the pressure of competing with their own material? Nobody at that table. They're judging me based on how they felt about me at another point. Because in 2003, they would have made me #1. And now they're putting what I'm doing right now against that. That's how I feel."

MTV News will be unveiling the Hottest MCs in the Game all week! We'll be announcing an MC's rank every day this week, with the full list revealed Sunday at 10 p.m. during "P. Diddy's Starmaker"!