Stephanie Pratt Wants Queen Latifah To Play Her In ‘L.A. Candy’ Movie

Stephanie gives us her casting choices for the film adaptation of pal Lauren Conrad's novel.

Lauren Conrad’s post-“Hills” career seems to be going quite well. On Wednesday (September 30), it was announced that the producers behind “Twilight” would be turning her novel, “L.A. Candy,” into a movie . And although the novel isn’t directly based on her life on “The Hills,” there’s a good chance that some of those characters are based on her friends from the show.

LC’s former coworker Stephanie Pratt couldn’t be more excited to see her friend’s novel come to life. And she has a few ideas about who should play her in the fictionalized version of her life.

“I would probably say Queen Latifah. I love her. I really love her,” she told MTV News back in August. “Someone more in my age … does that mean Christina Applegate is too old to play me too? OK, Ashley Tisdale.”

The novel is the first in a series, which means there’s a good chance a movie franchise will be spawned from the books. “[The film] needs to have a sequel!” Pratt exclaimed. “She’s writing, like, three books and it was, like, on the bestseller [list] — crazy!”

Pratt shared that she thinks her pal deserves all of the success coming to her. “You know what? I think she’s, like, the most deserving person because if you actually meet her, like, she’s so down to Earth,” she explained. “And she’s the only one that has not changed [a bit]. It’s really, like, so nice. It’s all so deserving.”