DJ AM's Death Caused By Accidental Overdose

New York medical examiner's office reveals lethal cocktail of prescription drugs, cocaine found in AM's system.

One month after DJ AM was found dead in his New York apartment, the city's medical examiner has announced a cause of death in the case. After a battery of toxicology tests, the New York City medical examiner's office has determined that AM's death was accidental and caused by acute intoxication brought on by a cocktail of prescription drugs and cocaine, a spokesperson from the office confirmed.

The toxicology report released on Tuesday says that the 36-year-old celebrity DJ (born Adam Goldstein) had cocaine; painkillers OxyContin and Vicodin; anti-anxiety meds Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax; the antihistamine Benadryl; and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine) in his system when he was found dead on August 28.

AM was found shirtless and face down on his bed by police after a friend called 911 when AM did not leave on time for a scheduled flight to a gig. According to reports, a crack pipe and prescription pill bottles were found scattered around the apartment.

AM was reportedly taking anti-anxiety medication as a result of his fear of flying following the fatal plane crash he escaped last year along with friend Travis Barker. While experts say it is acceptable for some addicts suffering from pain and other trauma to use prescription medication — AM said he'd been sober for 11 years prior to his death — if used inappropriately or abused, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics, especially if used in combination with street drugs.