Brody Jenner On Post-LC 'Hills': 'I Do Miss Lauren'

'She's great,' Jenner says of Lauren Conrad, who left the show after last season.

Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad had an on-again, off-again romance that eventually blossomed into quite a beautiful bromance on "The Hills." But these days, with LC leaving the show and moving on, she also seems to be too busy to keep in touch with her old friend.

"I'm gonna be really honest — I have not talked to Lauren at all since she's stopped filming the show," Jenner told MTV News. "Lauren, she's doing all right. I know she's got her boyfriend that she's spending a lot of time with and her books and her clothing and other things, so I really have not even spoken to her at all."

Regardless of their distance, Jenner is pretty sure that even though LC is no longer on the show and says she won't be watching the new episodes, she harbors no animosity toward the show's newest star and her onetime frienemy, Kristin Cavallari. "I'm sure she's happy for everyone on 'The Hills,' and she's not one to get angry that Kristin's on," Jenner explained.

These days, while many of her friends are still documenting their lives on the show, she's off just "having a good time" without a camera crew serving as her shadow. "I think she was at that point in her life where she had been on reality television since she was, like, 17 years old, so it was time for her to take a break," Jenner said. "And that's what she's doing. She's off traveling, having a good time."

Still though, it seems distance makes the heart grow fonder. Does Brody miss Lauren? "So much!" he joked. "No, I do miss Lauren. She's great. She was always fun to go film with and we had a pretty good chemistry."

To see if Kristin Cavallari can fill Lauren Conrad's shoes, tune in to MTV on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET for new episodes of "The Hills."