Justin Bieber Goes Platinum In Canada, Preps Second Single

The 15-year-old singer reaches a milestone in his native country with debut single 'One Time.'

The release of Justin Bieber's debut album, My World, is still several weeks out, but the 15-year-old singer is already receiving accolades. He has already netted himself plenty of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, but on Sunday night he got his first official stamp of approval from a professional body: Bieber's debut single, "One Time," was certified platinum in Canada, by selling at least 10,000 copies.

While on a trip to Wonderland Canada (an amusement park in Toronto), Bieber received his first platinum plaque, which he celebrated via Twitter. "2nite was incredible," Bieber wrote. "I got surprised with my first Canadian Platinum plaque for 'One Time!' I will never forget 2nite."

Bieber is originally from a tiny town in Ontario called Stratford, but he has since moved to Atlanta to work on his album and to be closer to his mentor, Usher. It's been a big transition for the singer, who is still settling into his new surroundings.

"In my town [in Canada], there were only 30,000 people, but in Atlanta there are millions," he told MTV News backstage at last week's "Tiki Rocks the Square" benefit for the Children's Miracle Network at the Hard Rock Café in New York. "And I don't know anybody [in Atlanta], but everybody knows everybody in my town in Canada."

Still, he considers his newfound worldliness to be one of the main benefits of his sudden stardom. "I didn't really get to travel before this whole experience, so that's a bonus."

In addition to his album, Bieber is also preparing to release his new single "Lonely Girl," for which he just completed a video. The clip, directed by Roman White (who also lensed Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"), was shot in Nashville and features, according to Bieber, "a lot of cool stuff."

Bieber said he hopes that the song's message gets out to those who need it. "I think it's important that these girls have something," he said. "So there can be one less lonely girl."