We Are Heroes Win 'America's Best Dance Crew'

All-female group takes the 'ABDC' title for the first time in four seasons.

It was finally time for the ladies to win the [url id="/ontv/dyn/dance_crew/series.jhtml"]"America's Best Dance Crew"[/url] trophy. On Sunday night's live season-four finale, all-girl dance crew We Are Heroes rose to the top of the dancing heap, beating out AfroBoriké to become the champions.

The Los Angeles-based team battled mixed-gender AfroBoriké for the grand prize of $100,000. After the all-female Beat Freaks narrowly lost to the all-male Quest Crew last season, We Are Heroes were proud to be the show's first female winners.

"So, we just won 'ABDC,' " dancer Ali Iannucci told MTV's Remote Control blog after the show. "The first female crew, it's like it's like we took the whole title for all the girls who came on the show, who tried to win, we did it for them. We're here. We made it. We're just flabbergasted!"

"It was chemistry and it was our destiny, and we just started!" group founder Hiroka Mcrae told Remote Control. "We're going to figure out what our next goal is. Thank you so much for supported us!"

Show creator Randy Jackson told Las Vegas-based AfroBoriké that he was glad they brought their unique Latin style to the competition. "I'm so happy you were a part of this experience," he told them. "It was so close. I'm telling you, y'all blew up the spot. I mean the dancing, all the acrobatics, I'm like whoa. Incredible. I love you guys, much respect."

And if Sunday night's finale inspired other dance crews, they'll soon get their shot at the title. Host Mario Lopez confirmed during the show that "ABDC" will be back for season five.