OJ Da Juiceman Goes 'Below Zero' On Alaska In Atlanta Tape

DJ Holiday 'turned the thermostat down' for his and OJ's ode to bling, in Mixtape Daily.

Every week is huge on this Web site, but this week in particular, we're going in. Mixtape Daily is going to keep rolling strong, and we got that Hottest MCs project finally being released from the cage. It's a beast. Check for numbers 10 through 6 all this week right here on MTVNews.com, and on Sunday, we're going to reveal the rest of the list on "P. Diddy's Starmaker."

Not to neglect the current business at hand, OJ Da Juiceman and DJ Holiday just put a new mixtape out to the streets and, yeah, judging from the title, you know it has everything to do with them diamonds. On a totally unrelated note, much love to DJ Infamous.

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: OJ Da Juiceman and DJ Holiday

Holding It Down For: Atlanta and, apparently, Juneau

Mixtape: Alaska in Atlanta

Real Spit: "The concept came from me chillin'," the flamboyant OJ explained about his mixtape title. "Having all this jewelry over my way. ... We call jewelry cold. Alaska in Atlanta, it was only right to get Holiday. He was the best person for that thang. We back, me and Holiday. Everything is cold. Everything is below zero. We freezing. Three chains on. We swangin', you feel me? It gets rained on like a basketball player. Time for another round. We swagged up. MTV, you already know."

"We got a big, big movie going on right now," Holiday said. "I kept it hot for the summer, I keep the streets on fire, so I had to turn the thermostat down and bring my big homie OJ Da Juiceman out."

The tape has all new production from M-16, Drumma Boy, Fat Boy, Khao and up-and-coming youngster Lex Luger (not to be mistaken for former WCW World Heavyweight Champion "The Total Package" Lex Luger). Holiday has new mixtapes with Young Dro, Yung L.A., Webbie, Zero, Rocco, Nicki Minaj, Slim Thug and Gucci Mane and Mr. LaFlare's "little brother" Flocka Flame coming up.

Joints To Check For

» "Time Clock." "That's Fat Boy's [beat]," OJ said. "Big up to Fat Boy. That's like a full-course meal. We eating, man. Our plates are never empty."

» "Vegetarian." "Lex Luger, I see you," OJ said. "We swagged up. That was produced by my little homie Lex Luger outta VA. Everybody look out for that. We swagged up. Everything is below zero right now. I should have had blue on to be like 'Sub Zero.' We rocking like cutoff stockings."

» "Burr Beer." "That's basically an intro to the mixtape," Holiday said. "It's a new sound. We switching the swag up. We got a new guy named Lex Luger. His sound is just crazy. For OJ, on this mixtape, he matured a lot on his delivery and his sound. He's not just talking about the same thing. He's still celebrating for somebody from East Atlanta to make it out the 'hood and see the world, tour arenas, it feels good."

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