'New Moon' Exclusive: A First Look At Nordstrom's Collection

'Twilight'-inspired clothing and jewelry will hit stores soon and we've got a few sneak peeks!

All week long, Twilighters worldwide have been checking out MTV.com and our sister blog Hollywood Crush for exclusive sneak peeks at soon-to-be-released T-shirts, key chains and jewelry from the upcoming flick "New Moon." Now, as sad as it to say goodbye to "Twilight Fashion Week," we'll try and do our best Bella Swan — soldiering on despite our sadness — and look back on the week's fashion show spectacular:

Team Wolf Pack: Our week began Monday when a top-secret FedEx envelope arrived from our friends at Nordstrom, delivering the prototypes of items that will be available to Twilighters in their stores soon (keep checking their Web site for more details). Our new interns eagerly ripped open the package and kicked off their own fashion show. Lily debuted two new tees focusing on Jacob Black's posse, and the day was so much fun that even a visiting "Twilight" star had to jump in front of the camera for a few snapshots. Needless to say, Lily has a rockin' new Facebook profile pic!

"New Moon" Fashion From Nordstrom

The Crests: On Tuesday, Chineza was eager to blog about two more cool T-shirts, each depicting a different "crest" from the "Twilight" universe. Naturally, the "Cullen Crest" tee held a special place in our hearts since MTV originally discovered the existence of the symbol more than a year ago. But one of the cool things about these T-shirts is that if you're not the type of Twilighter who wants "Cullen" scribbled across your chest, the Volturi crest shirt is much more subtle — only hardcore fans would notice it, which is a cool way to meet people who really know their Stephenie.

Edward or Jacob?: T-shirts are all fine and good, but you've gotta accessorize, right? That's why Wednesday was a fun day, as our interns modeled two adorable heart necklaces, one each for Edward and Jacob. Which beefcake holds the key to your heart? Soon enough you'll be able to wear one of these and tell the whole world your answer.

Bella Is So Charming: What woman hasn't dreamed of being Bella — caught between two worlds, two futures, two equally perfect suitors? Well, on Thursday we revealed an item that might get you one step closer to the dream: the Bella Swan charm bracelet. With all those sparkling, clinking knickknacks on your wrist, your soul mate is bound to see and hear you coming a mile away — and it's quite a conversation starter, that's for sure.

Back to the Boys: Today, "Twilight Fashion Week" wrapped up with a peek at Edward's charm bracelet (to match Bella, natch!) and a cool Quileute key chain that will allow you to keep track of your car keys and profess your love for all things hairy at the same time. Weigh in below with what items you consider must-haves, Twilighters — and be sure to check out your local Nordstrom in a few weeks, when you and your friends can have your very own "Twilight" dress-up party at home!