Justin Bieber's Debut Album May Feature His Mentor, Usher

15-year-old singer is being coy about who'll appear on My World, due out November 17.

Justin Bieber is Usher's protégé, so one would think there's a good chance that his mentor might make an appearance Bieber's debut album, My World, which hits stores on November 17. But if he does, Bieber isn't exactly letting info about the collaboration out of the bag.

"You might just see Usher on the album — you'll have to see November 17," Bieber told MTV News. And as for any other collaborations, he also kept his answer vague: "Again, you'll have to see November 17."

The 15-year-old promises that although the album will sound a lot like his single "One Time," a catchy, up-tempo pop tune, it will also touch on subjects other than puppy love. "It's basically about my world and what I want in my worldkind of thing. ... There's a lot of different songs about girls. Yeah, a lot about girls," he added. "But there's a lot of stuff about real life and stuff that I've gone through. Just stuff [that] teens in general can relate to."

He says that his choice to sing about subjects that go deeper than teenage crushes stems from his own life experiences and the fact that he doesn't see enough of other artists his age doing that. "There are a lot of people, especially young artists, that are just, like, they make songs that are cookie cutter — everything is perfect — and real-life things aren't perfect," he explained.

"There's a song on my album called 'Down to Earth' that is just, like, my relationship with my dad and how my mom and dad split up ... at a very young age," he continued. "So there's just a lot of stuff that they can relate to and it's just going to be a lot of fun."