Drake's 'Forever' Video: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem And An Explosion Or Three

Hype Williams-directed clip is basically the opposite of Drake's dark 'Successful' video.

One of the coolest things about [article id="1620473"]Drake's "Successful" video[/article]

— which premiered late last month — was that it didn't really feel like a [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] video. Sure, he (and Trey Songz) are featured prominently throughout, but the clip is dark and brooding, a stylized, noir-ish nightscape that (like the song itself) takes most of the celebratory tenets of R&B videos and made them look, well, decidedly less fun. In fact, "Successful" is seriously somber, to the point where it borders on dark, a rather bold and artsy move for a guy tipped by pretty much everyone to be the next big thing.

Not surprisingly, reactions were a bit mixed, with many critics loving the clip and many fans reacting with confusion. So, Drake has pulled a 180 with his follow-up video, the very big, very brash "Forever," which — in addition to copious explosions and flashing lights — features cameos from NBA star LeBron James (the song is featured on the soundtrack to the James documentary [article id="1622090"]"More Than a Game")[/article] and a lot of rappers you might have heard of: Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem (who is joined by Slaughterhouse) — and Hype Williams directed it. Somber this one isn't!

Now, the ramifications of having co-stars of this magnitude have [article id="1619751"]already been debated,[/article] but suffice it to say, landing four of the hottest MCs in the world (and the reigning NBA MVP) for his video is a pretty good look for Drake, who at 22 has already accomplished something that takes even superstar MCs years to do: line up a legendary posse-cut, then deliver on the hype.

With a lineup like that, a performance clip is really the only way to go, and that's what's been done here: The real thrill is seeing Wayne, West, Em and Drake in the same music video! This is a blockbuster of the highest order, a big-budget, big-explosion event, and fans (especially those who weren't fans of "Successful") will lap it up.

Drake has done his art-house video, and now, with "Forever," he's gone IMAX. Get your popcorn!