Eminem Is More 'Maniacal' On Relapse 2, DJ Whoo Kid Promises

Plus: Mack 10 shoots a new video with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, in Mixtape Daily.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Independent Album: Soft White

Headliner: Mack 10

Key Collaborations: "It's Your Life" (featuring Anthony Hamilton), "Clack Clack" (featuring Akon and Red Cafe), "Hood Famous" (featuring J. Holiday) and "So Sharp" (featuring Rick Ross and Jazze Pha)

Essential Info: Mack 10 tried to tell y'all about 15 years ago that independence was the key to success. He's sold gold and platinum albums on his own and has been able to accumulate a lot more funds than artists on majors who may have sold that much or more.

"With me, it was never about selling 5 million records," Mack said with a grin. "I kept the business side of it upfront, 'cause it's the music business. I always took the route that made the most sense when it came to business. I never understood how being on the majors made sense. It never made sense to me. It seems all you can get is famous. Famous never paid no mortgage."

Mack's latest, Soft White, comes out next week, September 29.

"Soft White, if you from the streets, you know what it is: raw and uncut," he said. "It's me being me. I wasn't pulling no punches on this one. I was swagging all the way out. This one had to be Soft White."

The album's first single is "So Sharp" with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. The three shot a video in Malibu.

" 'So Sharp' is really Mack being Mack," he explained. "It was a fun song. I wanted to try and do something outside of what you was expecting. I wanted to have fun on this one, 'cause I feel that's where it's at now. It's 2009. You can't be 1996 tough no more. You gotta have some fun. We was just having fun. I called on the lil' homie Wayne and Ross. They came down. Jim Jones was on the original, but when it was time to shoot the video, he was overseas. It's all love. That's my homie too. So I shot the [video] with Ross on it, and the rest is history."

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DJ Whoo Kid is lurking. The spinner said he's been sticking around the studio lately, and he's heard some of the newer material from Mr. Marshall Mathers. The G-Unit member said Eminem is only going to come crazier on his next album.

"The comeback is crazy," Whoo Kid said about Em's return in May with Relapse. "What I really laughed at was the Mariah Carey [dis record]. That was funny. But that's nothing compared to Relapse 2. What I heard, that's just 2 percent [of the intensity]. Eminem from back in the day has returned. The crazy, lyrical, maniacal Eminem is back. Maniac!"

Whoo Kid said the difference between Relapse and Relapse 2 is the level of insanity.

"He was maniacal, but that was like, 'Let me come back now. Let me get my sh-- situated. Who I gotta go at? Let me see what's going on. Let me get comfortable.' Now that he's comfortable, now he's gonna be like [a monster] in Relapse 2. Good luck, people."

Whoo Kid also had Lloyd Banks on his radio show this past weekend, and the Punch Line King told him to expect a double mixtape dropping soon.

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