Harrison Ford 'Waiting On A Script' For 'Indiana Jones 5'

Actor also offered up some green tips at a Team Earth event in New York.

NEW YORK — While Harrison Ford is busy helping the environment, he's also waiting to hear from George Lucas about what he can expect from a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie.

"We're waiting on a script," he told MTV News at a Team Earth event. As for when that script might surface, Ford isn't holding his breath: "Ah, not yet."

The actor was a little more talkative when it came to talking about his work with Team Earth and his personal efforts to help the environment. "I try to reduce energy consumption in my home," he said. "I try to recycle. I try to buy products that have less impact on the environment. I try to talk to people about the environment."

Ford has some advice for people looking to help the environment themselves, likening the green movement to "the civil-rights movement, the anti-war movement, the youth movement of the '60s."

"It depends on where you live, what you're doing," he said. "I think y'all need to just understand: We've only got one place to live. It's right here on what we call planet Earth. We've got to talk to our parents, we've got to talk to our elected leadership, we've got to make them understand that we require them to pay attention to get the job done.

"There is a positive contribution that we can all make just by joining together in an undeniable movement," he continued. "The environmental groups, we need to come together and present achievable programs."

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