Joanna Garcia Hopes To Keep Romancing Chace Crawford On 'Gossip Girl'

'Maybe I'll come back and cause a little trouble,' actress says of her four-episode stint.

In the first episode of the third season of "Gossip Girl," fans got to meet Nate Archibald's latest girlfriend, Columbia grad student Bree Buckley. Joanna Garcia, who has the illustrious distinction of locking lips with Chace Crawford on the small screen, feels really "lucky" to work with the heartthrob. What girl wouldn't?

"I mean, if you guys have ever seen Chace Crawford, you know he's got it down like no other. You couldn't find a cooler guy," she told MTV News. "For everything that he could be, he's that and more. He's gorgeous and a total dude, and we have so much fun together. I was really lucky. It made doing this really kind of sexy show a lot more comfortable having him as my partner."

The show's story lines are "definitely jam-packed," Garcia said, and she's always surprised by what is going to happen next for Bree, as well as the other characters living it up on the Upper East Side. "Every script that I read, I was like, 'Wow, a lot goes on on this show.' But I think that, especially for me, Chace and I have a really fun little summer romance," she said about the four-episode guest spot. "And I don't know, maybe I'll come back and cause a little trouble, stir up some naughty business."

If Garcia is given the opportunity to come back, she's hoping to explore Bree's bad-girl tendencies. "I really love the sweet romance, the love that we sort of created [with Bree and Nate], but I did like to dabble with a little bit of the naughty business," she said. "I wouldn't mind playing someone a little villainous."

Plus, she wouldn't mind getting the chance to reunite with the cast. "Everyone asks me, 'How's so-and-so?' " she said. "I'm like, 'Honestly they're the most wonderful cast of people. Just absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, kind, loving.' We had seriously an amazing time."