'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Kim Zolciak Hopes To 'Bust Out' More Songs

After hitting the iTunes Dance Chart with 'Tardy for the Party,' the single mom plans her next move.

BROOKLYN, New York — Watch out, Heidi Montag! There's a new cable reality-star-turned-aspiring-pop-musician on the rise. Kim Zolciak, the wig-wearing, cigarette-smoking, wine-loving castmember of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has one iTunes-charting single under her belt, "Tardy for the Party," and she isn't putting the microphone down anytime soon.

"I love my music! I'm so excited," Zolciak squealed to MTV News on the red carpet of the "VH1 Divas" concert. After "Tardy for the Party" landed on the Top 10 iTunes Dance Chart, a feat Kim considered "pretty significant," she decided that she should pursue her music career even further, aiming to put out a full album in the very-near future. "I realized how much fun this is, and it's so great for me. Hopefully, I can rock it and bust out something in the next couple of months."

While album details are a little fuzzy so far, Zolciak did tease that she met with a "huge music producer" Wednesday night in New York. "I can't tell you his name, but you'll be very excited." (Secrecy is nothing new for the "Real Housewives" star. Fans of the TV show know that Kim's been linked to a married man who simply goes as "Big Poppa" on the show for fear of his wife discovering their affair.)

When America met Zolciak on "Housewives" last year, the busty blonde was pursuing a country career. "Tardy for the Party" was one of two twang-tinged demos she was working on, along with her first failed attempt, the Dallas Austin-produced, never-finished "Tightrope." So, how does Kim explain changing the song to a pop track?

"That was ['Housewives' co-star and co-writer of 'Tardy'] Kandi [Burress'] decision," Zolciak said. "I think with country you have to have a lot of emotion behind you, and I think at the end of the day, I do have a lot of emotion, but I have so many other things. So when Kandi [delivered] a pop song, I was so excited about it."

The Burruss/Zolciak collaboration is far from over, apparently. Kim talked about having Kandi work on a follow-up single, "S-E-Double-X-Y." "I actually called her last night from the studio here and said, 'You should kind of finish the lyrics,' and she said, 'I'm game!' Kandi's incredible," Zolciak boasted.

One producer Kim won't be enlisting for her debut album is music legend Austin, with whom she famously butted heads during her show's first season. When asked if she'll include the Austin-penned ballad "Tightrope" on her album, Kim sniffed, "I'm not over 'Tightrope,' but I'm over the producer."

It wouldn't be a Kim Zolciak story without some "Housewives" drama, though. Despite being thrilled with her music career thus far, Zolciak was "disturbed" about a fellow "Housewives" castmate's alleged accusations in an interview with People magazine's TV blog. "I got some really crazy news on the drive over here about my song, ['Tardy for the Party.'] NeNe Leakes just claimed it was her song, when my little girl [Brielle] wrote it! I'm a little upset about that now, 'cause my little girl, she was 9 when she wrote it with her music instructor, and then Kandi went in and edited the lyrics."

But NeNe Leakes was quick to clarify her statement when MTV News caught up with her later in the evening. "Now, I don't know why there's always lies!" NeNe exclaimed. "Why would I say I wrote, 'Tardy for the Party' when clearly I didn't!" Leakes insisted when she said it was "her song," she merely meant that it was her pick as a single for Kim. And she has the videotape to prove it! "You guys all know, the first season I liked 'Tardy for the Party.' Loved it! [Kim] didn't like it, she didn't think it was a great song, she [instead] went in the studio to sing 'Tightrope' with Dallas Austin. We all watched it with our own eyes. And now, after the first season [aired] everyone starts sayin' to me, 'Tardy for the Party'! Seems like Kim just jumped on that bandwagon."

According to recent episodes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kim wanted NeNe to do a rap verse on "Tardy for the Party," yet NeNe is nowhere to be found on the single. NeNe chalks it up to more TV drama.

"You guys will have to watch and see what happens," she teased. "But of course, once Kim hooked up with Kandi, all of a sudden she didn't want me on the track."

But NeNe's happy to sit this one out. "It's OK, because Kim's voice is being all distorted by all this music, so she ain't really singing. It's not like she's a singer. ... Girl, you know what I'm saying. Throw me a little shade, I'm not mad!"