Raekwon Says ODB Tops Kanye West, Lil Mama As Ultimate Stage-Crasher

Rae says his Wu-Tang Clan bandmate 'pioneered' the art of bum-rushing the stage.

Recently, [artist id="1190"]Raekwon[/artist] the Chef took time to reflect on the 2009 VMA stage-crashing incidents while visiting Power 106 radio personalities the L.A. Leakers. He said [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] and [artist id="2514735"]Lil Mama[/artist] still take a backseat to the late, great [artist id="1110"]Ol' Dirty Bastard[/artist].

"That's his lane," Rae laughed, remembering how Dirty interrupted the 1998 Grammys to protest Wu-Tang Clan's loss. "Dirt Dog did that because he had that suit on that day. Nobody seen Dirt Dog with a suit on before. That was Dirt. I'm sure everybody that's ridiculing Kanye or Lil Mama, Dirt was in that same position. He pioneered that beasting-the-stage sh--."

Rae did say that Kanye's interruption of Taylor Swift wasn't quite as cool.

"Why he do that? That was a f---in' little girl, B," Rae said. "That was some sucker sh--. I ain't respect that right there. I ain't respect that.

"I like Kanye," the Chef added. "He had to be drunk or he felt like, 'F--- that! I own the awards.' I feel that wasn't fair to her as a teenager. To do that against a little white teenager, that wasn't really cool. At least he apologized. When you drinking, you don't know what the f--- you gonna do. They said he had a [bottle of Hennessy] on the red carpet. You know what that Henny will do. That Henny will f--- with you."

Raekwon was confused by Lil Mama's actions as well. He initially thought it was planned for her to get onstage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

"Lil Mama was on some Brooklyn sh-- that night, yeah," Rae said. "I thought she was supposed to come out. It is what it is. I looked at it like a Brooklyn thing. She's from Brooklyn, Jay's from Brooklyn. Maybe they were feeling themselves."

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards might have wrapped, but the party is far from over. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates, party reports and much more.