Kermit Says He'd Never Crash VMA Stage: 'Frogs Don't Roll That Way'

Kermit also talks about Video Music Awards date with Lady Gaga.

Kermit the Frog knows Miss Piggy might make it impossible, but he would still love the chance to see his VMA date, Lady Gaga, again, even though he's confirmed that the pair are only friends.

"I'd love to hang out with Lady Gaga," he told MTV News about the VMA winner. "And if it wasn't for Miss Piggy's restraining order, and left hook, I would. ... Lady Gaga and I haven't spoken since the VMAs. We tried texting, but Miss Piggy keeps jamming the signal."

Given Gaga's penchant for costume changes and performance art, it seems like Kermit probably wouldn't know what to expect from another encounter with the pop star. As for her multiple outfits on Sunday, he says he loved everything. "Lady Gaga looked great in everything she wore. And I haven't seen that many wardrobe changes since ... well, since the last time Miss Piggy and I were late for a movie," he explained.

Asked if he felt inspired to hop onstage with Gaga at the show, à la Kanye West and Lil Mama, the show-biz veteran said it's not in a frog's nature to do things like that. "Frogs don't roll that way," he said. "We'd rather croak than crash."

So, does Miss Piggy have a guy or three that she would have liked to use to make Kermit jealous at the VMAs? "Green Day," he guessed. "For some reason, she's obsessed with that color."