Taylor Swift Says She's 'Great' At New York Fashion Week

At the Tommy Hilfiger show, the country superstar doesn't seem fazed by VMA controversy.

Taylor Swift attended the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 fashion show on Thursday, the last night of Fashion Week, hanging out in the front row with "Gossip Girl" star Penn Badgley and Naomi Watts.

Wearing a satin, V-neck, red dress very similar to the one she wore for the second half of Sunday's VMAs, the country superstar didn't say much to the media, but she very briefly touched on the Kanye West incident again, simply telling reporters, "I'm great!"

According to some reports from the Hilfiger show, Swift seemed in perfectly great spirits and completely unfazed by being part of one of the week's most talked-about controversies.

"You would never know that she's been at the center of a scandal all week," one eyewitness told OKmagazine.com. "She didn't seem like she had a care in the world. You can tell she was so over Kanye and his rudeness."

Russell Simmons told OK! that he chatted with the singer after the show. "She's poised and beautiful and very mature," he said. "She handled it well on television, and I don't think she's worried about it now."

It wasn't the first time this week that the VMA winner was seen hanging with the "Gossip Girl" crew. She was spotted at the Kings of Leon show on Monday night, where, according to Us Weekly, she was seen talking to "Gossip Girl" heartthrob Chace Crawford.

On Sunday night, Swift told MTV News that the whole VMA incident had actually been quite confusing. "Well, you know, I was up there and I was standing there and I saw Kanye up on the stage," she explained. "I was really excited ... and I kind of wasn't excited anymore."

Kanye West has since apologized to Swift for hijacking her acceptance speech. After three public mea culpas, West called Swift after her "View" appearance, and she later said that the apology "was very sincere."