Will T.I. Make Hottest MCs List From Behind Bars?

Prior to his yearlong jail sentence, Tip released the commercially and critically hailed Paper Trail.

T.I.'s Hottest MCs in the Game prospects this year are probably the most interesting and perplexing yet.

Tip has everything it takes to be #1, without question. (To see what it takes to make the list, check out our Hottest MCs criteria.) The King of the South's words land with precision. Paper Trail was one of the most anticipated albums of 2008 by fans and critics and delivered on expectations. As advertised, T.I. made one of the best works of his career and surpassed just about all his peers in sales and accolades. "Live Your Life" and "Dead and Gone" were career-milestone big, and his buzz and impact were off the charts.

Tip's fame isn't limited to his musical endeavors. During his Paper Trail run, he won the admiration and hearts of TV viewers on his MTV series "Road to Redemption," dealing with his own troubles with the law and taking some kids under his wing to inspire them to follow a righteous life path.

So what could possibly keep Tip off of the Hottest MCs list? Well, the same issue that relegated him to the bottom of the list last year: lack of activity. Due to his yearlong jail sentence, Tip hasn't been heard from since May. Yeah, records like "Swing Ya Rag" still get play in the club, along with the new track "Don't Forget," but is that enough? We will find out soon. The MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust is due to reconvene shortly.

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