Keanu Reeves Remembers Patrick Swayze: 'He Just Lit Up A Room'

Swayze's 'Point Break' co-star said he 'brought light to wherever he went,' when we caught up with him at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Bodhi and Johnny Utah are hands-down the best one-two combo ever in a surfer-dude crime thriller. That they're likely the only one-two combo ever in a surfer-dude crime thriller should not diminish that superlative nor the achievement of Patrick Swayze (Bodhi) and Keanu Reeves (Utah) in 1991's "Point Break."

In Toronto for the international film festival, Reeves spoke with MTV News about Swayze, who passed away on Monday after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer. "I got to work with him many moons ago," Reeves said. "We ran into each other a few times. We had a great experience together making 'Point Break.' He was such a great actor and just really brought light to wherever he went."

At an earlier press conference to promote his new film, "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee," Reeves recalled what he termed Swayze's "passion, his lust for life and his craft" during the 'Point Break' shoot.

"There were some skydiving sequences in this film," the actor said. "As filming was going along, it came to be that Patrick was diving out of airplanes all the time and eventually he had over 30 jumps during the course of filming. The production served him with a cease-and-desist, which they listened to until they got to Hawaii, and then they kept jumping out of airplanes."

"In the film you see him jump out of airplanes, do some flips falling to the ground, and he did it with an open heart," Reeves continued. "To me, he was very generous. And to everyone around him, he just lit up a room. He had a really good sense of humor."

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