'Bones' Star David Boreanaz Hints At Zooey Deschanel Guest Spot

'That'd be great!' he says of Zooey joining him and sister Emily Deschanel on the hit Fox show.

David Boreanaz is back for another season of "Bones" and has heard rumblings that a second Deschanel may be joining him and his co-star Emily on the show.

"I heard! That'd be great! As many Deschanels as we can," he told MTV News. "[Emily's] dad directed an episode too. I think there would be some great, great moments to be had [if Zooey came on]. It was great to see that father/daughter connection. It would be great to see two sisters. Maybe Booth comes in between the two characters? Maybe Booth and Deschanel #2."

Last season left off with Booth (Boreanaz) coping with a brain tumor and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) trying to decide if she wants to have a baby with him — just as friends, but also because the pair are obviously in love with one another. Boreanaz promises that fans will get a lot more of them trying to figure out their relationship this season, all while solving gory crimes.

"Booth has to have something to fall back on," he explained about the possibility of his character using his brain tumor as an excuse to get out of any potential relationship with her. But what happens if she's the one who doesn't want to have the relationship?

Boreanaz doesn't exactly like that idea. "Well, then we have a problem," he joked. "I mean, I'm sure that we'll figure that out as we go and solve crimes. That's what we do — we solve crimes and we talk about those issues, and in doing so we find out about each other and we find out about what drives us crazy, what keeps us together. That's the fun of the show."

And this season Boreanaz will be back in the director's chair for the show's 100th episode, which he says will reveal more of the duo's backstory. "The show pretty much revolves around their relationship before they met, which they didn't like each other at all. They hated each other," he said. "We'll show that. We'll go back in time. It'll be fun, right?"

What may be fun for fans of "Bones" and "Fringe" is the fact that the two shows are now paired up back-to-back on Thursdays on Fox. "It's good to be paired with two shows that have an interesting combination of characters," he said. "You can't really categorize 'Bones' — it's tough. 'Fringe' is a tad bit more darker. We like to think of ourselves as dark comedy."