Alicia Keys 'Really Excited' About New Single 'Doesn't Mean Anything'

'The sound of it is very different — it almost feels like you're flying,' singer says of her new song.

[artist id="503203"]Alicia Keys[/artist] has already achieved just about every notable accolade a musician can, but when the singer/songwriter speaks about her new single, "Doesn't Mean Anything," she sounds as excited as a newcomer.

"I love it, I'm really excited about this record," she told MTV News recently.

The track debuted Tuesday (September 15) on her Web site and is the first offering from her still-untitled new album.

The song features Keys longing for a missing love over a midtempo production.

"From afar, it seems like I had it all," she sings on the chorus. "But it doesn't mean anything since you're gone."

"The sound of it is very different — it almost feels like you're flying," she said of the track. "It takes you there. It has that piano, heavy-drum feeling. But the song touches you in this way. You dream of having all these things, you dream of going all these places. But what's the point of doing that, having that, if the one you want to be there isn't with you?

"Even though that sounds like a heavy feeling, the sound of it, it makes you feel inspired," she continued. "To find where you're going and be there with the people that you love — what else is life, really?

The piano-playing superstar is still putting the finishing touches on the album. Keys said she's narrowing down the album title, mulling over several names. But overall, the album has a feel — a mix of strength and vulnerability — that she hopes to express when she settles on a title.

"There's a feeling theme," she explained. "And I think somewhere in there there's a balance. It's like one side is strong and one side is vulnerable. So that's the theme throughout the album. It has this kind of strong, edgy feel. But it's also intimate and vulnerable and delicate."