Susan Boyle To Cover Rolling Stones On 'America's Got Talent' Finale

The 'Britain's Got Talent' sensation will sing 'Wild Horses,' which is rumored to be her first single.

When Susan Boyle makes her "America's Got Talent" debut on Wednesday night (September 16), the former "Britain's Got Talent" contestant will be covering a new song, dipping into the British classic rock catalog.

When the Scottish reality-TV superstar takes the "America's Got Talent" stage for the show's season finale, she'll be singing the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," according to several sources. (The Daily Mail, however, reports that she'll also be singing the song that made her famous, "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Misérables.")

A recording of her "Wild Horses" cover, reportedly the first single off Boyle's upcoming I Dreamed a Dream album, leaked online earlier this week.

Although there has been speculation all summer that Boyle would stop by "America's Got Talent" this season, this marks the first time she's been on the show. In June, judge Piers Morgan revealed that Boyle had been invited to be on the show. At the time, Boyle's health had been a worry, and she had been hospitalized for exhaustion. "If she's up for it and she is well enough," Morgan told People, "our feeling is she probably will [appear on 'AGT']. Absolutely!"

Around that time, Morgan also revealed that fellow judge Simon Cowell, who produces both the American and British versions of the show, had plans to have Boyle perform at some live shows in the U.S. But aside from her performance on "AGT," none have been confirmed.

"Susan singing live to 25 million Americans? That would be great!" Morgan said. "She still gets a bit tired sometimes, but she is 48."