'Twilight In Forks' Filmmakers Screen Footage For Town's Residents

Director Jason Brown and producer York Baur head to the Washington town on Stephenie Meyer Day.

FORKS, Washington — Staying true to a pledge made before the surprising acquisition of their independently produced documentary "Twilight in Forks," the makers of the film traveled to the tiny real-life town that serves as home to the phenomenon this past weekend, unveiling footage for the first time to a few hundred lucky Twilighters.

Director Jason Brown and producer York Baur continued a lengthy relationship with the fanbase on Saturday as they visited the real-life Forks High School for a special screening to help celebrate the town's annual Bella's Birthday/ Stephenie Meyer Day festivities. Those in attendance were able to view never-before-seen clips from the first documentary on the "Twilight" phenomenon — a sneak peek that seems even more significant now that "Twilight in Forks" has been snatched up by Summit Entertainment and had its release date pushed back to early 2009.

While in Forks, Brown and Baur shot footage of their weekend, which they've given exclusively to MTV News. If you weren't able to make the trek, check it out to see fans posing with Bella's truck, dressing up as their favorite Cullens and watching the Mitch Hansen Band in concert.

At the screening, the "Twilight in Forks" team presented Forks High School Vice Principal Kevin Rupprecht with a $1,000 donation to the Forks High School Associated Student Body program. Filmed in the high school and surrounding area, "Twilight in Forks" highlights the town's unique businesses, tours and local residents. Baur told the crowd that the documentary is aiming to bring "exposure for what we love about the area to the world" and that Summit's acquisition ensured that the film will be released in every nation where the "New Moon" DVD will debut early next year. "We're terribly excited about that," Baur added.

Stay tuned for more on "Twilight in Forks" and "New Moon" in the weeks and months to come, as both films near their DVD debuts simultaneously.

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