Jennifer Aniston Says 'Love Happens' Goes To Some 'Dark Places'

'It's not as light and fluffy as most romantic films,' actress tells MTV News.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — When you talk to Jennifer Aniston, there are certain topics a gentleman should avoid, including bringing up her love life, soliciting her for profane alternate titles for her movies or trying to get her to ask you out.

But one of the reasons Jen is one of the most famous people in the world is because her life has always been such an open book. And so, as her latest romantic flick, "Love Happens," opens this weekend — casting her opposite "Dark Knight" star Aaron Eckhart in the tale of a widowed man learning to love again — Aniston brought all of the above up on her own.

Read on for Aniston's revealing thoughts on why she wants to go on a date with me, rumors about recent flings with co-stars Eckhart and Gerard Butler and why sh-- happens.

MTV: Jennifer, you've got "Love Happens" coming to theaters. In your mind, what does that title mean?

Jennifer Aniston: I think it means it just happens when it happens, when you least expect it. You know, you could be on a — I keep wanting to say "Sh-- Happens."

MTV: Could that be an alternate title for this film, in a way?

Aniston: Yeah, in a way. Maybe not. I don't think I should say that. [Laughs.] No, no, no, no.

MTV: But that would look so good on marquees! In this film, Aaron plays a motivational speaker. If you were ever going to take a gig like that, what do you think you could teach? What wisdom would you impart on people?

Aniston: Oh God, I don't know. Just life stuff. You only really preach about what you've been [through]. You would only talk something you've walked. I'm sure there's many topics I could think of.

MTV: By our unofficial count, you've fallen in love onscreen about 20 to 25 times now.

Aniston: Then that would mean in life 25 times now, as well. They go hand in hand now. Actually, I'm thinking about dating you after this interview.

MTV: And then you could make another movie to balance it.

Aniston: Yeah. And then be told that's why we did it — to sell that movie. [Laughs.] All set up by the agents.

MTV: You're one of only a handful of people who folks will consistently pay $10 to see fall in love again and again. Why do you think that is? Why are people so enraptured by watching you fall in love?

Aniston: I don't just fall in love in movies. I don't know why. You would have to ask those people. I don't know the answer to that.

MTV: But you would primarily describe "Love Happens" as a romantic film, correct?

Aniston: Yes, I would say it's a romantic film. But it also goes to some pretty dark places. It's not as light and fluffy as most romantic films, I would say in its defense, for those that might be skeptical about going to see romantic comedies.

MTV: I wanted to share a story with you. Recently I was pumping gas, the most mundane thing there is, and a little TV screen above the gas pump said "Fun Fact: Jennifer Aniston was born Jennifer Anastassakis." It got me thinking about how crazy it would be to live in a world where you can't even go to a gas station without seeing references to yourself.

Aniston: That is strange, especially if they pronounced it that way [laughs], which is not what it is. But an "A" for effort! I was already Aniston [when I was born]. My dad was already Aniston by the time I was born. When he moved from Greece here when he was 5, that's when the name changed.

MTV: That has definitely made your career easier, I would think.

Aniston: Yeah, that's not an easy one to have on a résumé. Or to make people like yourself have to sort of say, "I'm here with ... that." [Laughs.]

MTV: Well, for those of us who'll never know: What is it like living in a world where random stuff like that pops up all around you? Because, I'll never go to a gas station and see my name above the pump.

Aniston: You don't know that. Sh-- happens!

MTV: Yes, it does.

Aniston: I've had some weird moments. There are actually some really funny ones, but if you ask me off the top of my head, I can't think of one. They're too long [and there are] too many. But it is surreal.

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