Panic! At The Disco Had Deja Vu Watching Taylor Swift/ Kanye West VMA Incident

Band was bum-rushed by stage-crasher when accepting award during 2006 VMAs.

On Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, as Kanye West bum-rushed Taylor Swift's Best Female Video acceptance speech, there were millions of viewers who probably felt empathy for the country singer. But there were only a handful who could relate to her situation — and one of those was Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie.

See, back at the 2006 VMAs, Urie and his bandmates had to deal with a stage-rusher of their own: a fired up filmmaker named Sixx who crashed their Video of the Year acceptance speech, complained that MTV never gave him a show, and pimped a (now defunct) Web site before being escorted off stage by security.

So on Sunday night, while Urie watched the show from a New York hotel room, he felt pretty bad for her ... and he also felt something very similar to déjà vu.

"I watched the rerun [of the show] from our hotel room," he said. "I [started watching] like five minutes before that happened, and Taylor got that award, and then all of a sudden it was like, 'Wow! Déjà vu!' Like, 'Hey, I remember that happening to us in 2006!'

"I felt for her," he continued. "Yeah totally, I think everybody did. Like, man, I feel really bad. That kind of sucks."

But Urie was quick to point out that his situation was different than Swift's. After all, say what you will about the guy who stormed the stage when Panic won, he was polite about it.

"It is a different situation, because what happened to us was, we walked up, and were gonna grab the mic, and he just came up — Sixx was his name, I still remember his name — and he just came up, grabbed the microphone and plugged his stuff, and he wasn't rude to us at all," Urie laughed. "He was just like, 'Hey, give it up for these guys, they're dong a great job. Also, check out my Web site.' He just plugged his stuff. So it was totally a different situation, than, getting bashed for your video, saying somebody else should win.

"But, hey, at least [Kanye] apologized."