Lil Mama's 'Adrenaline Rush' Took Over During Jay-Z's VMA Performance

'I was just rooting him on as a champion,' she tells MTV News of her unplanned appearance onstage.

Lil Mama wants people to know she's a proud New Yorker, and when the "Lip Gloss" rapper saw two of the Big Apple's brightest stars onstage during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, her hometown pride momentarily got the best of her.

Mama walked onstage uninvited during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' performance of "Empire State of Mind." Her intent was to root Jay-Z on, not disrupt the production, the Brooklyn native said.

"I'm sitting in my seat two rows away from the stage, and Jay-Z is walking through this tunnel and just, like, this adrenaline rush is pumping [through me]," Lil Mama explained to MTV News on Tuesday (September 15). "He started [rapping], and Alicia Keys is going, 'The big lights will inspire you,' and really, I got emotional. Yeah, New York! Jay! I started to feel him, and I started to feel myself. I just felt the energy, and I got up and started walking to the stage. I was just rooting him on as a champion. Bigging up my borough, bigging up my brother."

The "America's Best Dance Crew" judge apologized to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys via a statement on Monday, saying the spirit of the song moved her. She didn't realize until later that Jay-Z might have been upset by her unplanned move. At the time, she thought they were all vibing with each other, despite the legendary rapper backing away from Lil Mama when she appeared.

"If in any way Jay-Z or Alicia Keys feels offended, I want to apologize to both of you," she told MTV News. "I actually would love to have a one-on-one, because I actually felt like I was being felt [for my actions]. I felt like there was a bond. I didn't get a chance to hear what was coming out of [Jay-Z's] mouth. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. I was just feeling it, and it happened at a moment which happened to be the VMAs, so it was 'wow.'

"I [only] wanted to support Jay, I wanted to be a supporter," she added. "I wanted to stand up with him and tell him he was doing it."

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards might have wrapped, but the party is far from over. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates, party reports and much more.