Timbaland Wanted A Drake Verse On Jay-Z's 'Off That'

Plus: Trick Daddy is confident the 'thugs' will still pick up his leaked album, in Mixtape Daily.

Jack Black, what did you get yourself into? The funnyman walked in on an interview with Kid Cudi, Swizz Beatz and Fonzworth Bentley at Sunday night's Video Music Awards. Who knew Bent had jokes that would knock Black off balance? We also hollered at Timbaland at the VMAs. There's a little bit of controversy about his collaborations with Jay-Z on The Blueprint 3. Tim's tracks were the first to leak, but the super-producer doesn't talk like he's stressing anything. He said him and Jay set the bar when it comes to their collabos. Finally, Trick Daddy is putting out his album tomorrow. Daddy Dollars is keeping it real street these days.Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Independent Album: Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Die a Thug

Starring: Trick Daddy

Most Insightful Tracks: "Tears of a Grown Man," "Strong Woman" and "Home Song"

Essential Info: Trick Daddy isn't appreciating his album getting bootlegged but stills feel confident his "real" fans will cop his new disc.

"I done seen worst. Independent is a lot different because how radio changed and the Internet has taken over. I watch some of the video channels, and it's totally all gimmicks," he said. "It's detrimental for hip-hop. But you know, I do it strictly for the thugs."

Trick is excited about the early feedback he's received, especially on a record called "Tears of a Grown Man."

"That's like another 'Thug Holiday,' " he said. "Everybody talks about how 'Thug Holiday' grew on them and stayed with them. On 'Tears,' I talk about what's really going on in the world with no strings attached. I talk about how I'm so proud to have a black president.

"At least I can say a black family will be protected for the rest of their lives," he added about the Obamas. "We owe you to protect you and your family. The record also stresses the importance of my new governor of Florida [Charlie Crist]. He's gonna come in and improve everything Jeb Bush left behind ... or face the consequences from the voters.

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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Timbaland said he and Jay-Z are like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. If Jay doesn't have some of Timbo's famed beats on his album, something is missing. Tim worked on "Venus vs. Mars," "Reminder" and "Off That" from Hov's Blueprint 3 LP.

"I'm out there more than he is. I know what the kids want," Tim said of their chemistry. "That's what I bring to the table. I bring that umph outta him. Listen to the album. I bring something outta him."

One big question remains for fans: Why is there no Drake verse on "Off That"? Drizzy simply does the chorus. Tim — who said his own album, Shock Value 2, will be coming in November — told us he doesn't have a good answer.

"You gotta ask him. It should have been [on there]," he said of Drake's missing rhymes. "But I thought, to me, we took [Drake] out of his element. But he said that was good to him. I said, 'Oh, sh--, let's go back and get him in the verse.' But that ain't my project. If it was up to me to redo it, I'd redo it that way."

Tim wasn't aware that Jay is back in the lab working on an "experimental" follow-up to Blueprint 3 but didn't rule out working with the Jiggaman once again. ...

Jay-Z's "Answer the Call" show at Madison Square Garden last week was one for the record books. People are still reliving the moments through conversations and the footage that's everywhere online.

Two of the stars of the show spoke about it on the red carpet of the VMAs this past Sunday. Swizz Beatz said, "I haven't seen it, being in that moment, I was happy to be a part of that history. Even if I sat onstage and crossed my arms, but to have a song with Hov, I was just happy to be there."

Kid Cudi, who performed "Already Home" with Jay, just hoped he didn't make any mistakes. "I said, 'If I mess this up, Jay-Z is gonna make fun of me for the rest of my life, the rest of my career,' " he thought back. "It was a point where it felt like a movie. I looked up, saw the fans and said, 'I hope I don't mess this up.' Then I went up there and did my thing."

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