'New Moon' Trailer Secrets Revealed: A Closer Look

We break down the VMA exclusive sneak peek, from Bella's mystery biker to a beefed-up role.

You saw the "New Moon" trailer at the VMAs, and you've read our shot-by-shot breakdown. By now, you've probably watched it again and again -- and maybe a few dozen more times after that. But if you're like many of us, it might have raised more questions than answers.

Well, MTV is a Twilighter-friendly community, which is why we've assembled these secrets revealed in the "New Moon" trailer. For some of the secrets, we have answers. For others, there are only questions. So read on, then post your theories/ insider info/ memories from the book in the comments section down below. Because, collectively, we have more assembled vampire knowledge than even those snotty Volturi.

Who Is That Dude?

At 0:02 to 0:04, we see a long-haired man being judged and then killed by the Volturi. Going on the period clothes worn by the Volturi and the man, this could be a flashback scene. Also, look very closely in the background, and you'll see a period-dressed Carlisle Cullen with his hands folded -- another clue that this shot must be from the flashback scene of Carlisle meeting the (fully-clothed) Volturi back in the day. Any theories on who the murdered man is, or is he just a hapless victim?

A Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
One more theory on the judged man: As we can plainly see at 0:08, he has dark-brown eyes that seem to be the same color as the contacts worn by other vampire actors in the "Twilight" films. So we can assume that he's some sort of misbehaving vampire, correct?

Bella's Name in Lights
Check out the theater marquee behind Kristen Stewart's head at 0:54, as Anna Kendrick asks, "So, you're an adrenaline junkie now?" Put two and two together, and that moment likely comes at the end of the infamous Mike Newton three-way-date movie scene.

Bella Likes to Watch
It's a small point, but one worth noting: Look closely around 1:56, and you'll see Bella in the background, looking on as Laurent battles the wolves.

Frame By Frame: "New Moon" Trailer 3

Easy Riders

At 1:58, we can see Bella on a motorcycle escaping trouble. As the camera pans down the rider's face, we can clearly see that it's neither Edward nor Jacob. The untrained eye might guess that it's Kellan Lutz doing the driving, since it looks sort of like him and Emmett is such an action-oriented character. But according to some on-set spy reports, it's actually a scene where Bella seeks out some Edward-revealing thrills by hitching a ride with a semi-anonymous biker.

Look Out, Charlie!
Take a good look at 1:51, and you'll see Charlie Swan wandering through the forest with some police pals as a threatening figure drops down from the trees behind him. Odds are, it's Victoria.

Beefed-Up In More Ways Than One?
Although some Twilighters have speculated that the burly Volturi going toe-to-toe with Edward at the end of the trailer is Demetri, the face you're seeing actually belongs to actor Daniel Cudmore -- a.k.a. Colossus in the "X-Men" movies. And he plays Felix who, judging by the adrenaline-charged footage from 2:06 to 2:24, has had his role beefed-up substantially by Chris Weitz and company. In Stephenie Meyer's novels, Felix was basically a cryptic, massive vampire that was part of the Volturi posse. But judging by his battle here with Edward, he's being represented as a monster who fuels one of the film's biggest action scenes. What do you guys think? Is this reinvention of the character a good idea?

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