Latest 'New Moon' Trailer: A Shot-By-Shot Analysis

You saw it at the Video Music Awards, and now we go over it with a fine-tooth comb.

You may remember an article we ran after the last "New Moon" trailer that listed all the various characters and subplots from Stephenie Meyer's novel that were being omitted from the film's advance advertising, seemingly replaced by extra shots of Taylor Lautner's six-pack. Well, rejoice, "Twilight" fans, because another "New Moon" trailer was just unveiled during the MTV Video Music Awards, and it brings both the sexiness and the substance.

As always, we honor such occasions with our patented shot-by-shot analysis. Read on for the details you may have missed among all that awesomeness.

0:00 - 0:02: We see the Volturi chambers in Volterra, Italy, as Jane (Dakota Fanning) opens the door.

0:02 - 0:04: Aro (Michael Sheen) and his fellow vamps look to be passing judgment on some ill-fated, long-haired individual. Note that this appears to be a different scene than the one Jane just walked in on. "The Voturi are the closest thing my world has to royalty," we can hear Edward say. "They enforce the law."

0:04 - 0:05: Our first good glimpse at Dakota Fanning as Jane. With those contacts in and the wicked smile beneath them, she sure is a long way from "Dreamer."

0:06 - 0:08: "Vampires have laws?" Bella asks Edward.

0:09: Now we get to see the verdict. As the long-haired man opens his mouth in fright, Aro approaches and snaps his neck. Is it just me, or does Sheen look a bit more like Count Dracula than we might expect from the "Twilight" franchise?

0:11 - 0:15: We see Bella's familiar truck pulling up in front of her house. "You're a human who knows entirely too much about us," explains a concerned-looking Alice. "They could kill us all."

0:16: The Summit Entertainment logo.

0:17 - 0:18: The beautiful aerial shot we've seen a few times now.

0:19 - 0:20: "You just don't belong in my world, Bella," Edward tells her when they're in the woods, moments before he leaves her.

0:20 - 0:21: "I belong with you," she replies.

0:22 - 0:27: "This is the last time you'll ever see me," Edward tells his soon-to-be-heartbroken girl. "Please just promise me you won't do anything reckless." Oh, RPattz, if only you knew.

0:29 - 0:35: While Jessica, Mike, Angela and Eric obliviously play in the background of the cafeteria, Bella glances over toward the now-empty table where the Cullens once sat. "The absence of him is everywhere I look," she explains. "It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest."

Frame-By-Frame: "New Moon" Trailer 3

0:36: A cool shot of Edward and his car disappearing. Is that supposed to be the Forks High parking lot? If so, it sure does look a lot different than the first film.

0:37 - 0:40: "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"? How'd that get in here? Oh, no, it's just Bella, spazzing out as she has a nightmare in her bed.

0:41 - 0:45: Bring on the beefcake! "I know what he did to you," says Jacob as he straddles Bella on her bike, making a pass like the wolf he is. "But Bella, I would never — ever — do that."

0:46: Flirting with disaster, Bella goes for her infamous bike ride, speeding past Edward apparitions as though they were the most hunk-tastic billboards ever made. "There's only one way I know to see him," she explains, before wiping out. Those who attended Comic-Con have already seen this sequence in full.

0:54 - 0:56: Anna Kendrick sighting! One of our favorite under-utilized "Twilight" actors (and star of the buzz-heavy upcoming flick "Up in the Air") walks with Bella. "So, you're an adrenaline junkie now?" she asks.

0:57 - 1:06: OME! We asked for the cliff-diving scene in our previous article, so we'll humbly take full credit for its inclusion here. "If a rush of danger is what it takes to see him," Bella says, looking down at the choppy water, "then that's what I'll find." Only problem: We wanna see the actual CGI dive, damnit!

1:07: While underwater, Bella finds herself floating next to an upside-down Edward. Cool!

1:08 - 1:10: Jacob's massive biceps pull her out of the water, and Bella's hand erases the apparition. Nice touch.

1:10 - 1:15: Now short-haired, a waterlogged Taylor Lautner asks, "What the hell were you thinking?" and strokes her hair.

1:16 - 1:17: Title card: "From the Worldwide Bestseller"

1:17: "Bella, it's Edward," Alice panics, running into her kitchen. "He thinks you're dead!"

1:18 - 1:19: "What?" KStew replies. As Stephenie Meyer fans know, there's far more to this mistaken moment, which fuels much of the end of the movie.

1:20 - 1:22: We see Edward in Italy. "He's going to the Volturi," Alice explains as we see the centuries-old vampires looking upon the glittery one. "He wants to die too."

1:23 - 1:27: Bella runs away from Jacob, who grabs her arm. "He left you, Bella. He didn't want you anymore."

1:29: Bella makes her big decision. "Please, stay here with me," Jacob begs her. She responds, "I have to go."

1:32: A beautiful shot of Volterra.

1:33 -1:36: How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto? For more than a year, [url id=""]Ashley Greene has been telling us about how eager she was to hop behind the wheel[/url] of the yellow Porsche and shoot this scene. Drive it like you stole it, girl!

1:36: "He's going to make a scene," Alice explains.

1:37 - 1:42: Here comes the big finale! "The Volturi will kill him if he reveals himself in the sunlight," Alice explains as we see Bella rushing through the crowd. It's a very beautiful sequence, only slightly more exposed than what fans saw at Comic-Con in July.

1:43: "The girl comes with us." As Scooby-Doo would say: ruh-roh.

1:44 - 1:46: Jane's eyes glow with anger as Edward stands between the Volturi and Bella and barks, "You can go to hell!"

1:47: "Edward, I'm scared," Bella whispers.

1:48: Tarzan? What's he doing in here? Oh wait, it's just Jacob hulking out as he leaps to the ground.

1:49: Title card: "On November 20"

1:50 - 1:51: The now-famous shot of shirtless Taylor, followed by footage of Charlie and his armed cops heading into the woods. Watch out behind you!

1:52: Title card: "The Next Chapter"

1:53 - 1:56: Quick shots of the Volturi, Edi Gathegi as Laurent, and his battle to the death with the wolf pack.

1:57: Title card: "Begins"

1:58: Bella holds on tight on the back of a motorcycle. But is that Kellan Lutz doing the driving?

1:59: The wolf pack are back in all their shirtlessness.

2:00: Bella appears to slap Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) in the face, unleashing his inner wolf.

2:01: A concerned Edward looks in on Bella while she sleeps.

2:03 - 2:05: Tarzan Jacob swings through the trees and into Bella's bedroom.

2:06: Back to Italy, where Felix (Daniel Cudmore) is beating Edward like a dusty area rug.

2:09 -2:13: Edward fights back, protecting Bella.

2:14: Title card: [movie id="414921"]"The Twilight Saga: New Moon"[/movie]

2:18: Jane, looking at the camera. "This may hurt just a little."

2:19 - 2:23: "No, please, please!" Bella screams while Felix tosses Edward onto some marble steps. Aro, Caius and Marcus look on with glee.

2:24: Title card: "11.20.09" It can't come soon enough, can it?

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