Jay-Z Credits 'Truth' For His Long Rap Reign

'All my music and emotions is based off real truth. I believe that's why I'm here and still competing,' Hov tells Mixtape Daily.

Hov had a big week with Blueprint 3 hitting stores on September 9. Numbers don't lie and neither does Jay-Z. Regardless of his media blitz the past seven days (really it started once "D.O.A." dropped over the summer), Jay-Z says the real key to sustained popularity is the way he articulates his personal facts in his music.

"All my music and emotions is based off real truth. I believe that's why I'm here and still competing for VMA nominations and Grammys every year," Jay said. He not only performed at this past Sunday's Video Music Awards, but was also up for a couple of Moonmen against the likes of Eminem, Kanye West and Asher Roth. "Ten #1 albums in a row. That's not something you can doctor. I can make the greatest marketing plan in the world ... I can't make that happen unless that's some truth under there."

One of Jay's good friends, Sean Combs, agrees that speaking your reality in music is key.

"With me and Jay, you gonna have to get down or lay down anyway," Diddy, whose next LP, Last Train to Paris, comes out in 2010, said of their practically unparalleled tenure. "There's other rules to this game that you gonna have to abide by. At the end of the day, we understand. We understand the importance of telling the truth. If you're just getting into the game, you're probably telling a lie anyway because you're telling somebody else's game. If we still here, we're still here because we're telling the truth. Number two, we have relationships, and number three, we still know how to make hit records. That's what this thing is about. You could be five years old, 70 years old — you make a hit record, it's gonna stand the test of time. It's something the game has to get used to."

Indeed. It's looking like Jay will have 11 straight #1 albums in a row. Blueprint 3 is on track to come in at #1 on the SoundScan charts this Wednesday.

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