Justin Bieber Names Winner Of 'Biggest Fan' Competition On VMA Red Carpet

'I love him and it made my whole entire year,' says Tricia Matibag of Ottawa, Ontario.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] has found his ultimate fan. Tricia Matibag has been named the winner of Bieber's VMA red-carpet shout-out competition. And the high school student couldn't be more excited by the chance to have the teen sensation give her a holler when he graces the carpet at the VMAs tonight.

"I was so happy! I called my best friend because she is, like, a fan. She was just at my house and I was screaming really loud," she said. "I love him and it made my whole entire year."

Matibag lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and found out about the competition through (what else?) Bieber's Twitter page. "It started off me talking about just a guy and then how incredible he is, and I said, 'Can you guess who it is?' " she explained, describing her video submission. "And then after that I explained why I am such a big fan."

Matibag admits that she wasn't completely sure she'd win. "Well, I didn't know what they were looking for. I just tried my best 'cause I really wanted to win," she said. "But I wasn't exactly sure. I never thought, 'Oh, I am going to win.' "

Once Bieber steps out there and says her name, she's pretty sure it will be "life-changing." "That will be amazing and life-changing. I know I sound obsessed, but I am just a big fan," she said. "It means a lot [to win]. There's no words to describe it. I was, like, shaking [when I heard]."

Matibag said she became a fan of the pop singer through Facebook. "I was looking at my friend's profile on Facebook in June and saw his music video, and ever since then I've been a huge fan," she said. "I love that he's just a normal guy that came from Canada like me and his dream came true. Also he's really cute and an amazing singer."

The 10th-grader added that even though she may have found him through her friend, her own efforts have made Bieber a household name among the students at her school. "Well, mostly just the girls," she said. "But actually most of them heard about him through me 'cause I am just really obsessed with him."

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