Kid Cudi, All-American Rejects Rave About VMA House-Band MC Wale

Solange also had nothing but praise for the 'phenomenal artist' she's collaborating with at Sunday's show.

Along with UCB, Wale is brining along a whole bunch of artists along for his VMA house-band ride. The Washington, D.C., rapper and his crew will be performing a series of originals and covers that will definitely keep the Video Music Awards crowd rocking all night.

One of his collaborators, Solange Knowles, gushed to MTV News, "Wale is a good friend of mine. And he's a phenomenal artist."

Meanwhile, Kid Cudi — who revealed that he'll use his VMA performance to "celebrate" last year's house turntablist, the late DJ AM — said he looks forward to working with his "homie" Wale. "Wale is one of those innovative artists," he said. "This is like a big deal, so you know I'm glad to be a part of it, man. That's the homie."

Two members of the All-American Rejects are looking at this as an opportunity to mix their pop/punk with Wale's hip-hop sensibilities.

"They are incredible musicians, and it's actually really cool to get to do this," guitarist Nick Wheeler said.

The band's frontman, Tyson Ritter, added: "Every time you sort of get to cross the streams of rock and anything else, I think some cool fusion happens."

Like all the hot performances set to go down on Sunday, when the show goes live from New York's Radio City Music Hall, Wale's house-band set is all very top-secret. Butt, if Wale's VMA rehearsal Thursday was any indication, those covers could include songs by Britney Spears, Coldplay and Kings of Leon.

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards air live this Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. ET, but New York is celebrating the VMAs all week long! Stay tuned for party coverage, concert reports, behind-the-scenes updates and more.