Taylor Momsen Says 'Gossip Girl' Is 'Shocking' This Season

Actress who plays Jenny Humphrey promises 'a lot of mix-ups this year.'

Taylor Momsen is ready to take her throne as the Upper East Side's newest Queen Bee on the upcoming season of "Gossip Girl." The third season premieres on Monday, and the actress by day, Pretty Reckless rocker by night told MTV News that the writers have cooked up even crazier stuff for Jenny Humphrey and the crew to go through this year.

By now, the cast should be somewhat used to the antics the writers come up with for their characters, but the 16-year-old said she is still amazed by the story lines they create for her. "Every script is shocking," she said. "You're just like, what are they going to do this week? It's amazing how much stuff they come up with for our characters to do."

She went on to explain — unfortunately, without giving much away — that fans are going to be surprised by the direction the show is going in. "If you had watched the first episode of season one and [then] watched the last episode we just filmed, you'd be like, what?" she said. "What is going on? What is happening?"

But all that drama is makes it so much fun for Momsen to keep coming back as Little J. "It's a lot of fun," she said about the upcoming season, adding that fans just need to watch if they want to know exactly what she means. "A lot of mix-ups this year in the season. It's cool. Stay tuned, for sure."