Taylor Momsen's Pretty Reckless Rock The Streets Of NYC

'It was short and sweet, and it's awesome being outside,' the 'Gossip Girl' star says of her alfresco concert.

NEW YORK — A fashion show put on by Teen Vogue set the mood for TV's favorite aspiring fashion designer, Jenny Humphrey — er, Taylor Momsen — to take the stage with her band the Pretty Reckless. But it wasn't just any gig for the "Gossip Girl" star. The rocker put on an alfresco show right on Perry Street in the West Village. The concert was part of New York fashion week's Fashion's Night Out on Thursday (September 10).

A crowd of "Gossip Girl" fans and fashionistas gathered on the tiny street as Momsen took to the stage rocking glittery shorts, garters, tons of necklaces and a white men's shirt. The band got the crowd going playing songs that seemed heavily inspired by all the names Momsen has dropped in the past, like Nirvana and Hole. Her stage presence is definitely an ode to many great rock frontwomen — including Courtney Love, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett — but with a lot of hair bleach thrown in.

The crowd seemed to love the Pretty Reckless' dark slow jam "Zombie." Momsen even busted out a guitar occasionally, playing it during that song's chorus.

"It's awesome. We're outside," she told fans, who were probably thankful the few raindrops during the show didn't turn into a full-blown storm.

Momsen and company played a raucous set, blaring their songs for the entire West Village to hear their five-song, 20-minute show. The crowd might not have been too familiar with the Pretty Reckless' music but definitely seemed to appreciate Momsen getting her rock star on.

"The show was awesome," Momsen told MTV News after the show. "It was really cool. It was Fashion's Night Out, and it was cool. It was short and sweet, and it's awesome being outside. The weather is my favorite temperature. It was invigorating."