Rick Ross Calls Triple C's Album 'Incredible'

'I'm gonna just put the caviar on top of the cracker,' the Bawse says of his role in their debut, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

"Shades in all shades, these made of rhodium." Rick Ross was all too happy to show off his new jewelry to us recently, a pitch-black Jesus piece.

"It's actually rhodium," he explained. "If you know about precious metals, rhodium is supposed to be the most precious of all metals, including gold. So on and so forth. [Wearing it] is just sending a positive message. I'm toning it down a little bit, just for the day. It's showing love to the most high and showing everybody what direction I'm going in."

Ross says hitting the road with Triple C's and Masspike Miles is business, but they are all having a ball.

"You can't forget to enjoy your life. You only have but so long — you might as well get in and go hard. Turn your own situation into paradise."

Triple C's release their debut album Custom Cars & Cycles in late October.

"I'm so strict when it comes to albums and the music and the quality of music," Ross said of the LP. "The myths I hear about Dr. Dre, I try to implement that into what we are doing. I just want our music to always sound better. The way we recorded the records, it turned out incredible. A lot of groups haven't been successful ... the problems come when no other superstars emerge. So I made sure we stayed away from that. When everybody absorbs where we coming from, Torch, he's gonna be the future of New York City. Gunplay, he's got one of the rawest unorthodox flows in the game. Young Breed, he's the streets — he's gonna give you some of the wittiest bars. And me, I'm gonna just put the caviar on top of the cracker."

The whole collective just dropped Maybach Music Part III: White Sand.

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