Chris Brown Tweets About Completing Album

Singer calls Graffiti his 'best album' to date, posts photos of his home.

Less than two weeks after his sentencing for a February assault on former girlfriend Rihanna, singer [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] tweeted Saturday that he has completed his upcoming third album, Graffiti.

"Graffiti!!!! Comin soon.... Just finished it...hands down ... My best album... That's all I'mma give away right now," Brown tweeted in all caps Saturday morning; a spokesperson for Brown confirmed that the singer had posted the message and said his label has not yet scheduled a release date. "I honestly don't think the game is ready for the recordz I got coming off the new album.... (not tryna be cocky)!!!! LOL."

Contrary to a statement from organizers, a spokesperson for Brown said Tuesday (September 8) that the singer is "positively not" confirmed for the Michael Jackson tribute planned for September 26 in Vienna.

While Brown, 20, has kept mostly to himself since the assault, he took to the air last week for an appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live," in which he declined to discuss what happened on the morning of the assault and called the brutal attack on Rihanna "probably one of the worst moments of my life." He also spoke to People magazine and said he's ready to enter counseling to deal with his anger issues, though some domestic-violence experts MTV News spoke to said Brown did not sound like a man who had come to grips with the seriousness of his actions.

Though he kept a low profile before his guilty plea to felony assault in June, Brown was spotted out at a bar on the night of his sentencing two weeks ago dancing to a Michael Jackson song. He has also been tweeting frequently since a judge sentenced him to five years' probation, six months of community labor and a year of domestic-violence counseling. Brown's community labor in Virginia will entail picking up garbage, washing cars and cleaning up graffiti.

In addition to photos of his sneaker-packed closet, one of him in front of graffiti murals in his home, another of the flashy sports cars in his garage overseen by a giant Hulk sculpture and his anime-graffiti'd basement game room, Brown has been posting inspirational messages to fans.

"THOUGHT OF TODAY: try not to curse a lot today..," he wrote Saturday morning. "Anytime u feel the urge to, replace it with just the beginning letter of ur curse word. LOVE." A few moments later, Brown posted a link to a female-empowerment site called, followed a few moments later by a link to a clip of a young kid having a tantrum, on which Brown commented, "OMG!!!! WATCH THIS: this guy needs to come to counseling wit me.....he's got serious issues."

The singer followed with images of him greeting fans at a mall, riding his skateboard, BMX bike and motorcycle, and then describing the "fantasy factory" he's building behind his Virginia house, complete with a studio, basketball court, swimming pool, graffiti and foam pits. After crashing his four-wheeler and getting scraped up on Labor Day, Brown lashed out at the tabloid press, writing, "IT AMAZES Me how these gossip sites post topics about me but don't have any real story to tell .. they must be super bored ... the actual bloggers that have hate comments on gossip sites r hilarious as well .. NO LIFE OF THEIR OWN so they comment on mine ... I LOVE IT!"