Lil Boosie Says Upcoming Trial Is Making Him 'More Focused'

Plus: Quan is ready to live up to expectations with Walking Testimony, in Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street King: Lil Boosie

Holding It Down For: Baton Rouge

Indie Album: SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz

Real Spit: The police say Boosie Bad Azz is a little too bad — he's facing a trial for drug and gun charges in the near future. "It's making me more focused on my music. I got a big trial coming up," he says. "Police putting false statements in reports, trying to corrupt the judge. It's just getting me more focused. The more you go through, the more gonna come out. I'm just worrying about the music."

Boosie's long-awaited SuperBad comes out next Tuesday (September 15). He said the title reflects his evolution as a performer and lyricist.

"I got a big following. My fans love me so much," he noted. "I get that 'hood love, 20 [thousand] to 25 [thousand] a show every weekend. I'm a big factor down South."

Bobby Valentino, Young Jeezy and, of course, Webbie are all featured on the LP.

Joints to Check For

» "Miss Kissin' on You" (featuring Trina and KaDe). "It's going out to a couple of girls I miss back in the game," Boosie said. "It's one of the songs the women gonna love. They need to check out for that. I'm talking about how I miss a girl and all that. I reach out to them. They even call me on holidays. They be trying to reach back out to me. Look at me now. Those be the ones who were acting funny back then. It's gonna be a classic record. I like to put people on my record who will fit in with me. I like thug girls like Trina who look good and talk nasty. I like to go with who I think my fanbase would prefer me with."

» "Mind of a Maniac." "It's the last song on the album," Boosie said of the record, on which he admits that some people will think his thoughts are deranged. "In 'Mind of a Maniac,' that's what I be thinking. Stuff like, 'Why is the judge mad at [Michael] Vick for killing dogs, but [people] kill deer and put 'em on their walls? Why can't we kill a dog and put a pit bull head on the wall? We eat dog too. Y'all eat deer?' Stuff like that that make you think, 'This n---a is kinda odd.' Mind of a maniac is going hard. It's touching on racism and all them things."

» "Bullsh--." "It's rapping about how a lot of bull is going on in the world from the rap game to playa hatas. I'm just spitting on that. Check that record out. It's number eight on the album. '90 percent is your business, 10 percent is your talent,' " Boosie added about what he thinks is the biggest B.S. he encounters. The Louisiana native wants it to be more about the art. "I'm supposed to be on top of a lot of people who are past me, but their business is better than my business. It ain't the raps."

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Headliner: Quan

Independent Album: Walking Testimony

Songs We Can't Stop Playing: "Just Believe," "Getting Money" (featuring Nas), "G Call" and "Mommaz Prayer" (featuring Zoe)

Essential Info: Quan, it's been too long. Five years ago, the VA native made an appearance on Nas' Street's Disciple on the thought-provoking "Just a Moment." The guy was spitting hard lyrics and had harmonious singing in his repertoire as well (this was way before the likes of a Kid Cudi or Drake). Esco was billing him as hip-hop's "future" in every interview, and later, Quan inked a deal through Nas' record company, Ill Will, and Atlantic Records. But things didn't quite pan out as he had expected.

Quan went through management problems that eventually led to his parting ways with Nas, and he could not see eye to eye with Atlantic. Quan eventually asked for and received his release. Since then, he's been circulating on the underground scene while dealing with severe family issues.

"Just to wake up is a blessing," Quan said of his album title, Walking Testimony. "Some people are like, 'What happened?' For a minute, I actually had mad deaths in my family. My goddaughter died. Zoe's daughter. He's a talented artist. [Hip-Hop Editor's Note: The "Zoe" Quan is referring to is an up-and-coming singer from VA, not to be confused with Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe.] She was 12. Right before that, my grandmother died. After that, my little cousin died. My biological father got thrown out of a five-story window in the Bronx; he almost died. He was in the hospital for almost two months. In the process of him healing, my cousin Boogie died in a car accident. It kinda rocked me. Then two of my friends died; they got killed. I was like, 'Damn.' "

Quan said he sat back to reflect on life but was still working on music. He's released a handful of mixtapes over the past three years.

"You really have to love it," he said of the industry. "If it doesn't happen for you [quick], you really have to love it. The industry and the politics behind it will really put a strain on your passion for it. Either you gonna move it or lose it. Keep on grinding or fall by the wayside. The blessing is to just have music the people wanna hear and feed that. Whether it's 100 people, 5,000, 20,000 — to have as many people as I do come up to me and say, 'Your music helped me through hard times,' I appreciated it. 'I admire what you are saying and what you're trying to do.' What greater gift can you ask for?"

Quan's album was released recently through Amalgam Digital and iTunes, and he's currently in talks with some labels about future projects.

"I'm still a free agent. Amalgam gave me an opportunity to share my music with the world," he explained. "It's a blessing. Obviously, me and a whole lot of other people [expected] my career to go major. But it don't always work like that the first time going around. 50 went through it. Jay went through it. I feel it's my season, and however God wants it to go, it'll go. In the meantime, I released five mixtapes, the last one being digital: Carry the Tradition. All my mixtapes did real well. For a while, going through different negotiations with different labels, I was so set on going major. In the meantime, I tried to provide my fans with as much music as possible. I didn't want to become a 'mixtape rapper.' I tried to provide my fans with quality over quantity."

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