Twista Talks Hottest MCs List, Says He's 'Underrated'

'My personality as a humble person kinda doesn't contribute to letting people know what I do or how I do it,' he says.

When you look at the criteria to make our Hottest MCs in the Game list, the first thing the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust analyzes is artists' lyrics, flow and how they implant their gift of gab into hit songs and albums.

Going off that alone, Twista definitely has an almost airtight case to make this year's list. The Chicago legend has been a song assassin. Rappers from Jay-Z to UGK have called him to out and out murder their tracks with a cameo appearance. Just for his nonstop rapid flow alone, Twista has earned himself a spot with the all-time coldest on the microphones. Still, Twista has yet to make a Hottest MCs list.

Could 2009 be Twista's year? His single "Wetter" was an underground smash and club favorite. What the Brain Trust will be looking at when it comes to the 20-year vet will be if he's been able to tie everything together. Has he made a huge impact? What type of seismic shift has he caused culturally?

"I definitely feel I'm underrated," Twista said. "My personality as a humble person kinda doesn't contribute to letting people know what I do or how I do it. When I look at those lists, there's a lot of times I could have stepped up and said, '[One of the people on the list] don't got patterns like this. He don't spit no sh-- like this.' And they can't say nothing, because I know I got some lyrics to back it up. I could come with that whole 'rah rah' thing. At some point, I'm gonna drop this project called The Most Underrated and let them know what's happening. It's gonna be a mixtape. [I'm] the Michael Finley of rap. I'm just gonna go for broke and let them know I do what I do and make them wanna put me in those top-10 lists sometime when they do it."

Twista also said fans should look forward to his new album, Category F6, coming first thing next year.

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