Megan Fox Reveals Her Fear Of Teenage Girls On MTV News' 'Behind The Screen'

'I think I've been very vocal about the fact that I'm outrageously insecure,' 'Jennifer's Body' star says.

In the run up to the September 18 release of [movie id="373560"]"Jennifer's Body,"[/movie] 23-year-old actress [movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox[/movieperson] has made some fairly colorful statements. She said she's more comfortable kissing women on camera than men, that she's often "a complete lunatic," and that in her younger years she was "annoying and ridiculous."

Why is the sultry brunette so deliciously quotable? Now we know: It's all performance art! Kinda.

"I always had — I call it a sense of humor," Fox told MTV News in an interview airing on Friday night's episode of "Behind the Screen." "Not like performance art, but I've always sort of liked to push people's buttons. That's outrageous that I even used that in a sentence, attempting to talk about myself, like I'm Andy Kaufman!"

While she won't exactly compare herself to that legendary comedian, she did discuss the ways in which she's similar to her "Body" character, a demonic high school student who chows down on her unsuspecting classmates.

Like Jennifer, Megan said she's lacking in the confidence department. "I think I've been very vocal about the fact that I'm outrageously insecure," she said.

Jennifer ends up being, shall we say, pretty aggressive. Megan? "I can be aggressive, but out of needing to bite someone before they bite me," Fox revealed. "Not just for the sheer fact of being aggressive. It's that insecurity thing."

Calling herself an outcast in high school, the actress still fears the wrath of teenage girls. "I still am intimidated by cliques, by groups of teenage girls that approach me," she said. "I always feel like I'm gonna get pelted with something, or something's going amiss. ... Surprisingly enough for myself, teenage girls really like me. Not all of them, but the ones who have approached me have."

Never the mean girl, Fox said she'd talk to anyone in school she found interesting, and when our own Josh Horowitz said she probably wouldn't have talked to him in high school, she paid him perhaps the greatest compliment of his life.

"You're the sexiest man in glasses I've ever seen," she said.

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