Jack White Says Dead Weather Will Record Second Album Soon

'We've got a lot of songs cooking right now,' the frontman of material for a new record.

The [artist id="3171383"]Dead Weather[/artist] — the garage-blues supergroup consisting of Jack White, the [artist id="1233272"]Kills[/artist]' Alison Mosshart, the [artist id="2105550"]Raconteurs[/artist]' Jack Lawrence and [artist id="503135"]Queens of the Stone Age[/artist]'s Dean Fertita — famously put together their debut album Horehound in only two weeks, which is an impressive feat by any standard. And according to White, the initial surge of creative energy hasn't ebbed in the slightest, so much so that the band already has enough new songs to make a second album, which they intend to do this fall.

"We're really amped up to record the next record," White told MTV News backstage at the Outside Lands Festival. "We've got a lot of songs cooking right now — 12, 13, 14, 15 ... I don't know how many. We've gone in and recorded a little on the last break, and hopefully in the fall we'll try to find a window where we can go in there and do some more."

White also explained that the tour has not only yielded new songs but has also informed the older tunes. "It's changing every day, and we want it to change even more. We've got a lot more material going and changing a lot of the songs from the first record. We have a lot more cover songs than when we started too." Which covers have they been playing around with? "It ranges from Christian metal to Christian gospel."

The Dead Weather have a bit of downtime in September where they may work on music before hitting the road again for the month of October, giving them plenty of time to practice their evangelical tunes and engage in their writing process. "While Jack is napping on the tour bus, I'll sort of hover around him with a Moleskine handbook and write whatever things he says out loud in his sleep," White explained. "Then I'll go over to Dean's side of the bus and he's usually humming something, but he's awake. I'll try to mix these two together, run it by the judge here [Mosshart] and before you know it, we've got Morehound."