50 Cent Says Soulja Boy's Music Is Big At Eminem's House

'He continues to make hit records that work,' 50 says of Soulja, in Mixtape Daily.

Voice of the People: 50 Cent

Last month, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy excited some fans and confused others during a West Coast stop on Young Money Presents: The America's Most Wanted Music Festival. Fif stepped onstage in California and performed with his much younger club-floor-catering peer. Those in attendance seemed to love it, but on the Net there was speculation about how and why the collaboration came together.

Reader 4EvaShady commented, "Curtis Jackson, what the **** are you doing? Get the **** off that stage and ******* bust a rap with Dre and Eminem!"

Meanwhile LAsalvi09 was way more receptive to the team-up. "Hot performance. Good stuff," they wrote.

"All the haters need to fall back," Blacko wrote. "Y'all just being negative towards two artists that did a show together? WTF is wrong with that? People who were there enjoyed it. Leave it at that. Point blank."

A reader under the handle of FriscoKid commented, "Stop being stupid, guys. Soulja wouldn't have brought 50 to the show if [50] was played out. Doesn't make sense. Soulja Boy wanted to give the tour a different look. I didn't hear anything about LeBron James being over for showing up for Young Jeezy? No chatter about Chris Brown showing up for Lil Wayne either. It's just a chance for both of them to upstage the headliners ... This may have been the best part of that night."

Well, 50 Cent told us last week exactly why he wanted to come onstage with Soulja Boy. The answer is ... well, the General doesn't have to answer to anyone. The truth is, 50 and Soulja are cool. Fif even admires the youngster for writing and producing a hit as huge as "Crank That" and said that Soulja's popularity even resonates in Eminem's crib.

That's right.

"I was at Em's house," 50 said recently. "He has a basketball court that doubles as [daughter] Hailie's dance studio. That dance studio has the hardwood floors. I watched the kids do the Soulja Boy dance to the song. They're into organized dancing. That was something they were into. They're a world way from where Soulja Boy comes from. But it's translating and it's actually a hit record and he continues to make hit records that work."

So, Fif says to kick off his homie's back and let the teenager do his thing.

On Thursday night, 50 put out the video for his new song, "Flight 187." The record is from his new mixtape, The 50th Law of Power. The street CD comes out the same day as 50's book on success, which has the same title. The video finds 50 on a doomed flight, concocting maniacal thoughts in his head and commenting on rap current events. Well, almost current.

"Jay rockin' that Urkel look — isn't he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he's taking like a Yardie," Fif raps, referring to Jay-Z's long-gone Blueprint 3 'fro.

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