Spencer Pratt Doesn't Think Audrina Patridge's Apology Is Sincere

'Audrina got all caught up and thought she could say some things,' Pratt says of the 'Hills' star's comments about Heidi Montag's performance.

Spencer Pratt isn't buying the apology Audrina Patridge e-mailed Heidi Montag over statements she made about Heidi's Miss Universe performance last month.

In an e-mail that was released to Perez Hilton on Thursday, Patridge tried to clarify her comments to her fellow "Hills" star, but Spencer doesn't think she's being sincere. He thinks that if Patridge really felt that her comments had been taken out of context, like it says in her apology to Heidi, she would have gone to the magazine they appeared in to rectify it and not to Heidi herself.

"What happened here [is that] Audrina got all caught up and thought she could say some things," Pratt told MTV News. "She just totally forgot about King Spencer Pratt, Heidi's husband — and the repercussions. And it's just beginning."

Spencer added that he initially wasn't going to respond to Audrina's criticisms, but he felt that he needed to defend wife Heidi over what he called "hurtful insults." "I totally was not gonna respond and not lash out against her hurtful insults that were completely false towards my wife's amazing performance, but once I saw her pull this [I had to]."

He guessed that Audrina was also probably prompted to apologize once she saw how angry Pratt got over the comment Ryan Seacrest made about wanting to see Heidi tasered. "She literally saw the repercussions around Seacrest, so she saw that and was like, 'Oh my gosh, what is King Spencer going to do?' "