Silversun Pickups Talk Beatles, Playing Their Own Song On ‘Rock Band’

'The game said, 'You suck, get a real job.' ' frontman Brian Aubert says.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Beatles didn’t invent rock music, but they’ve certainly influenced just about every band that came after them. Next week’s release of “The Beatles: Rock Band” will give fans old and new the opportunity to trace the line between their favorite bands and their Beatles influence. Silversun Pickups are no different, although frontman Brian Aubert goes back and forth about which era he prefers.

“One of my favorite Beatles songs is ‘Glass Onion’ from The White Album, but I still harken back to their [early] days when they were just a great rock band playing in Hamburg,” Aubert told MTV News at last weekend’s Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. “I love all the studio trickery and all that beauty they put in later on, but there’s something about the guttural experience of their early songs. Like ‘Help’ — I don’t think there’s been a better punk song than ‘Help.’ ”

Drummer Christopher Guanlao has different reasons for loving the Fab Four. “What’s cool about them also is that they all had their specific moments to shine,” he said. “Toward the end, Harrison was writing [many of] the hits. And ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ wouldn’t be nearly as funny if Ringo wasn’t there. He stole that show.”

The band is excited about “The Beatles: Rock Band,” and though they haven’t played it extensively, they appreciate the complexity. “We like the video-game world. It’s pretty amazing, and ‘Rock Band’ is pretty incredible,” Aubert said.

“It’s really hard. I played ‘Lazy Eye’ once, and I sucked at it,” he continued, talking about his own band’s song, which he co-wrote and sings. “I couldn’t even get to the singing. The game said, ‘You suck, get a real job.’ “