DJ AM Reportedly Had Undigested OxyContin In Stomach, Throat

Source says six pills were found in AM's stomach.

When police found DJ AM's body in his New York apartment on Friday, they reportedly discovered six undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and one lodged in his throat. An unidentified New York City official revealed that information to The Associated Press on Wednesday (September 2), saying it appeared the pill in AM's throat was also one of the powerful painkillers, though it was unknown what dosage AM (born Adam Goldstein) had taken.

That report was similar to a story posted by People on Tuesday night, in which an unnamed law-enforcement source reportedly told the magazine that AM was found with eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth in his mouth. Law-enforcement and coroner's officials have declined to comment on the record to MTV News about the ongoing investigation into AM's death, and a spokesperson for AM has not returned requests for comment.

DJ AM: A Life In Photos

People suggested that the amount of undigested pills meant AM swallowed the drugs quickly. "He wanted to die," the source said, citing the pills and other evidence that AM's death was possibly a suicide. "He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn't even swallow it." Among the other items police allegedly found when they entered the Soho apartment on Friday evening were a Valentine's Day card from AM's girlfriend, model Hayley Wood — who denied reports that they had broken up and that AM was distraught over the split — as well as six or seven photos of the couple, a crack pipe and a bag of crack cocaine underneath his body.

The source also reportedly told People that police found a mirror propped inside the door to the apartment and another inside the bedroom door where Goldstein, 36, was found face down on the bed wearing only his sweatpants. Officials reportedly had to push aside and break the mirrors to gain entry to both doors.

The source speculated that AM "smoked a lot of crack, barricaded the doors and killed himself." The initial autopsy results were inconclusive, so the coroner's office is conducting further toxicology tests that should take several weeks.

AM had recently wrapped the MTV show "Gone Too Far," in which he discussed his past addictions to crack cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs while attempting to help other addicts overcome their addictions; the network has not yet announced its plans for the show.

A private memorial service is scheduled to take place on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles with a 12-step theme.