Boys Like Girls Recruit Taylor Swift -- But Not Chris Brown -- For LP

'She was the right voice and the right person for that song,' frontman Martin Johnson says of 'Two Is Better Than One.'

They've already landed a cameo from Ashley Tisdale in their "Love Drunk" video, and they recorded a duet with Taylor Swift on their new album, but it's the one collaboration [artist id="2421107"]Boys Like Girls[/artist] didn't do that's grabbed the most headlines.

It seems that, in the months leading up to the release of their Love Drunk album (due September 8), someone thought it would be a good idea to begin spreading a rumor that the band were recording a song with none other than Chris Brown. News of the supposed collaboration — apparently on a song called "Just Waiting for You" — made the rounds on gossip sites and even ended up on the band's Wikipedia page (though it's since been deleted).

So when MTV News sat down with BLG earlier this week, we decided to get to the bottom of the whole Chris Brown fiasco. And, somewhat understandably, they were pretty much over talking about it.

"That's called 'the Internet,' " drummer John Keefe sighed.

"That's called pressing the 'edit' button on Wikipedia and writing whatever you want," guitarist Paul DiGiovanni added.

"We probably shouldn't even be talking about that," bassist Bryan Donahue said. "Let's distance ourselves from that."

OK then. While they were less than pumped to discuss [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist], they were more than willing to talk about Swift, who duets with the band on what's shaping up to be the second single from Love Drunk, a track called "Two Is Better Than One." It's a change of pace from what Boys Like Girls usually do — something that was very much intentional — but the guys aren't worried about alienating their fans with the track. Far from it, in fact.

"I don't think we were worried about how our fans would react to that collaboration," frontman Martin Johnson said. "I think Taylor's such a versatile artist, she can go from country to pop to rock to anywhere. We just saw her at Madison Square Garden, and there were so many kinds of fans there. We just thought she was the right voice and the right person for that song.

"Actually, from what I've read, everyone is really digging it," he continued. "And as opposed to most of what I read about us, I actually believe that."