DJ AM's Girlfriend Hayley Wood Denies Breakup Rumors

'We were very much together at the time of his passing, and I love him very much,' she says in a statement.

Just days after DJ AM was found dead in his New York apartment, his girlfriend, model and actress Hayley Wood, is speaking out about the tragedy. In a statement, she disputed reports that the pair were broken up at the time of AM's death.

"Any indication that this horribly tragic accident happened because of a rumored breakup is not only untrue but disgusting," she told Us Weekly in a statement. "We were very much together at the time of his passing, and I love him very much."

When news first broke of his death, sources told various news outlets that AM (born Adam Goldstein) was "completely devastated" over a breakup with his girlfriend of about one year, 22-year-old Wood, only about a week prior to his death.

"She ended it, and he didn't want it to end," a source reportedly told People about the rumored split. "The breakup hurt him. He hadn't been in a good place lately. For the past week, he wasn't really around, he was keeping to himself, and he was blowing people off."

Meanwhile, the night AM's body was discovered in his New York apartment, a blond woman believed to be Wood was seen leaving the building. According to eyewitnesses, the woman appeared to be "visibly shaken" as she made her way from the apartment to a nearby taxi with an unidentified friend by her side.