Audrina Patridge Questions Heidi Montag's Music Career

'I just don't think she's taking it that serious,' 'Hills' co-star says.

[artist id="3187707"]Heidi Montag[/artist] may have debuted her "Body Language" at the Miss Universe pageant last month, but her "Hills" co-star Audrina Patridge isn't buying what Mrs. Spencer Pratt is selling when it comes to her music career.

"I feel like Heidi, you know, she's doing it for fun, where a lot of singers and people, they work their ass off, and they actually have amazing voices and they can really sing and perform," Patridge told People magazine about the performance.

Calling the Miss Universe performance "very Britney Spears-like," Patridge went on to question Heidi's dedication to music. "I just don't think she's taking it that serious, and that's what's kind of disappointing for me, for music lovers out there."

Heidi herself holds a different view of the performance, telling MTV News that she didn't think she'd change one bit of it and describing it as "amazing."

"It was my first performance ever. I had been practicing. I didn't mess up once," she said. "Right before I was going on, I was praying non-stop. I had so much fun. Every second was just unbelievable. And if this was my first performance, I can't imagine what will happen from here. ... Every move was perfect. Everything was amazing."