Aubrey O'Day Says Fidel Castro Is 'Brilliant'

Invited to Fox News' 'Hannity' to talk about sex education, the singer wound up defending the Cuban leader.

Aubrey O'Day made an appearance on Monday night on the Fox News show "Hannity," where the former [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] singer eventually found herself in a theoretical conversation about Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler.

The singer appeared on the show as a guest on Hannity's "Great American Panel," where she was invited to share her opinion on a recent U.N. report on international sex-education guidelines, which recommends that children be taught about masturbation. The Playboy model said she agreed with the recommendation, citing the lack of information on HIV and AIDS she witnessed when visiting places in Africa. O'Day also talked about her experiences through her charity, FAN (Fight AIDS Now).

The conversation later turned to U.S. Representative Diane Watson's recent comments about health care, in which she praised Cuban leader Fidel Castro as a "brilliant leader." O'Day jumped into this debate, too, and sided with Watson.

"I met him and worked with him when I was in Cuba," she said. "I'm not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say that I will 100 percent agree he's an incredibly brilliant man."

When Sean Hannity pointed out to the singer that Castro is a "murderer," she responded, "I'm sure I've met a lot of murderers in life. I'm not condoning [his actions]. [The United States has] supported a lot of murderers. I'm specifically addressing [Watson's] comment suggesting that he is a brilliant man. I'm sure many murderers are brilliant people."

When it was suggested that next O'Day might tell the panel that she thinks that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was also brilliant, she said, "Listen, I don't condone Hitler one ounce, but yes, he was a brilliant man. Can you guys say that he wasn't? He ran a country and convinced everyone of horrible things."

At press time, reps for O'Day had not responded to MTV News' request for comment.